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Interview with Dagmar Schwerk

Our former Senior Research Fellow Dagmar Schwerk who currently holds the Khyentse Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tibetan Buddhist Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC) gave a detailed interview to Ngoc Le from the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies News Blog on the occasion of the publication of her article Drawing Lines in a Maṇḍala: A Sketch of Boundaries Between Religion and Politics in Bhutan in our Working Paper Series and her entry Buddhism and Politics in the Tibetan Cultural Area” to the Companion to the Study of Secularity.

A major part of the interview is dedicated to Dagmar's experiences in our group and the influence it had on her work - resulting in the mentioned papers and her continued research interest in the formation of secularity in pre-modern Bhutan. Dagmar is currently working on her first monograph titled A Timely Message from the Cave: The Mahāmudrā Doctrine and Intellectual Agenda of dGe-bshes dGe-’dun-rin-chen (1926–1997), the Sixty-Ninth rJe-mkhan-po of Bhutan resulting from her dissertation research, to be published in 2020 in the Indian and Tibetan Studies Series of the Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies at the University of Hamburg.

We highly recommend to read the complete interview.