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The HCAS’s scientific work is based on the trusting and intense collaboration of outstanding researchers crossing the boundaries of academic disciplines, who contribute to the project their expertise on various eras and regions.
Numerous scientists from all over the world will join the HCAS team for that reason within the next years. The fellowship programme is thus central for the HCAS’s working process.

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Kleine


+49-341-97 37 722 more

Prof. Dr. Monika Wohlrab-Sahr


+49-341-97 37 721 more

Johannes Duschka

Administrative Coordinator

+49-341-97 37 720

Judith Zimmermann

Research Coordinator

+49-341-97 37 723

PD Dr. Markus Dreßler

Senior Researcher

+49-341-97 37 724 more

Dr. Daniel Kinitz

Senior Researcher

+49-341-97 37 724 more

Sana Chavoshian

Junior Researcher

+49-341-97 37 725 more

Katrin Killinger

Junior Researcher

+49-341-97 37 725 more

Mohammad Magout

Junior Researcher more

Tarek El-Sourani

Student Assistant

Manuel Heller

Student Assistant

Carolin Hundt

Student Assistant

Elisabeth Marx

Student Assistant

Johanna Schuppe

Student Assistant

PD Dr. Ugo Dessì

Senior Reseach Fellow (04/2016-10/2016) more

Prof. Dr. Rinku Lamba

Senior Research Fellow (08/2016-01/2017) more

Prof. Dr. Nahid Mozaffari

Senior Research Fellow (10/2016-03/2017) more

Dr. Anna Mrozek

Senior Research Fellow (10/2016-03/2017) more

Sushmita Nath

Junior Research Fellow (08/2016-02/2017) more

PD Dr. Martin Ramstedt

Senior Research Fellow (04/2016-03/2017) more

Prof. Dr. Armando Salvatore, PhD

Senior Research Fellow (07/2016-01/2017) more

Prof. Dr. Hubert Seiwert

Permanent Senior Research Fellow more

Eva-Maria Tepest

Junior Research Fellow (10/2016-03/2017) more

Tom Troughton

Junior Research Fellow (07/2016-12/2016) more